Pool Service and Weekly Cleaning

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Prestige Pool Service understands that a sparkleing blue pool takes work if it is to remain beautiful. Someone has to maintain the swimming pool in order for you to enjoy it. Many homeowners try and handle all that’s involved, and some do okay, but the biggest struggle we hear about is the list of chores you need to complete in order to keep a pool sparkling. Homeowners often find that maintaining their pool quickly becomes a burden they would rather give to someone else. Prestige Pool Spa Service loves to clean pools!

Owning a pool is about the fun and being able to dive in and enjoy it whenever you want to.

When it comes maintaining a beautiful your pool, that’s exactly what Prestige Pool Spa Service does best!


We’re Passionate About Pool Care! Let Us Help You Today.

We have the most qualified and professional pool service and repair technicians in the industry.

Prestige Pool Spa Service is the premier pool service and repair company in Salado. All of our pool service technicians are fully qualified having completed the required training and posses the knowledge to fully maintain your pool as well as reduce risk and injury from failed pool and spa systems. We eliminate the burden of maintaining your pool so all you have to do is enjoy it.

Full Service Pool Maintenance

Our Full Service pool maintenance program starts at a very reasonable price and covers a comprehensive list of pool maintenance protocols giving you the best swimming environment possible. Take a look at the table below to see exactly what our Full Service pool maintenance plan covers. Once you’ve decide to move forward just call us at 254-947-3500 to schedule a free quote.